Introducing the Protector® series of diesel generators

Versatile, adaptable and affordable diesel standby generators for home and business
Generac once again raises the bar for residential and light commercial diesel generators with the new Protector® Series diesel generator. To address the problem of building and zoning codes that can vary wildly from one region to another, our Protector Series features a set of popular preconfigured options that ensures that your generator will be easily adaptable to a variety of municipal codes for standby generators. Even better, Generac offers a wide range of code-driven accessories, so you can feel confident that your generator will be able to conform to the required local codes for your large home or small business, no matter what.

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Our exclusive premium oil-recovery and circulation system virtually halts oil degradation, resulting in greatly extended maintenance intervals—an unprecedented five times the industry standard, with 500 hours between oil changes.

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